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How this Real Estate Start-Up used a ‘By any Means Necessary’ Approach to Getting their First Customers

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🏠 EverKnock: Revolutionising Home Buying and Selling

EverKnock has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the real estate industry, addressing the notorious complexities and stress associated with buying and selling homes. Did you know that buying a home is considered one of life’s most stressful events, particularly for first time buyers, with 1 in 3 sales collapsing before completion! One of the biggest challenges is having to juggle multiple service providers, often without the right guidance or support.

EverKnock is a concierge designed to take the stress out of buying and selling a home. With an impressive fusion of human expertise, artificial intelligence, and automation, EverKnock functions like a personal project manager for your move, simplifying communications and consolidating necessary services into a seamless journey.

**Early Customer Acquisition: From Social Outreach to Valuable Feedback ** EverKnock’s initial strategy to attract users was admittedly unstructured, focusing on gaining at least 100 users within the first 4 weeks using any means necessary. This included leveraging personal networks and social media, particularly LinkedIn, which proved to be a goldmine for connecting with potential users. The team’s approach capitalised on the universal relevance of home-moving, engaging people at social gatherings and through online interactions. This broad out-reach method helped gather crucial initial feedback, highlighting the necessity for a more structured growth strategy.

Strategic Shift: Partnering with Estate Agents

Learning from the early iterations of their app, EverKnock pivoted to a more sustainable growth model by partnering with estate agents. This move significantly lowered customer acquisition costs and enhanced service value for agents burdened by the administrative overhead of updating multiple stakeholders. This partnership model not only provided EverKnock with a steady stream of users but also embedded it deeper within the real estate ecosystem, particularly strengthening its presence in South Wales.

Funding the Vision: From Angel Investors to Venture Capital

EverKnock’s journey through funding began with angel investments, spearheaded by a close-knit network that believed deeply in the founders and their vision to simplify the home-buying process. The initial funding rounds were personal, with contributions from friends and extended connections, including an estate agent who recognised the potential impact of EverKnock’s solution. This early support was crucial and led to further opportunities, such as participation in the Geovation programme, which provided not only funding but invaluable exposure and networking opportunities.

Currently, EverKnock is in the process of securing a larger investment round led by a prominent London-based VC, underscoring the growing confidence in its market potential and business model.

Lessons Learned and Looking Forward

Reflecting on their journey, the co-founders acknowledge the intense demands of fundraising but also the critical learning and validation that came with it. They emphasise the importance of maintaining balance, celebrating small victories, and learning from every setback. If they were to start over, there is little they would change, as each challenge and misstep provided essential lessons that shaped their path forward.

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