Frequently asked questions

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What is EverKnock?

EverKnock is a home-buying concierge service; a personal assistant that guides you through the process of buying a home. We lay out the journey step-by-step, so you know exactly what to expect, all the way up to getting the keys to your new home. We’ll also connect you to all the expert help you need, like a solicitor, surveyor & removal company. Think of us like a wedding planner for your home move!

Why do I need a concierge?

Buying a home is one of life’s greatest achievements…but it’s also one of the most stressful events you can go through! Our home-buying concierge makes the process easy & stress-free by being a single point of contact for everything you’ll need throughout the home-buying journey, from sorting out your mortgage & getting the legals sorted, to booking removals & setting up your broadband. We’re here, on-demand, whenever you need an update, to find a service or just to vent!

How much does it cost?

EverKnock is completely free of charge for home-movers!

How do you make money?

We charge a fee to our marketplace partners when one of our movers uses their services. Importantly though, this does not increase the price paid by the home-mover for the service; it’s paid for out of cost savings that the partner makes by working with us.

If I sign up, do I need to use your partners?

Our app is free for anyone to sign up to & use! To get the most value out of EverKnock, choosing one of our legal partners will ensure that we can give you the best possible home-buying experience, since we can provide you with personalised updates whenever you need. We also offer a range of other services to streamline your move but you are free to use different providers if you wish.

I haven't found my new home yet, should I sign up?

It’s never too early to get ready for your move! Even if you haven’t found your dream home yet, you can still sign up to EverKnock so that we can guide you through the important early stages of your move. For example, did you know that finding a mortgage advisor & conveyancer before you’ve found your dream home will make you a much more attractive buyer in the eyes of the seller when you do finally make that offer?

How do I get started?

Start chatting to your personal concierge & take the first steps towards your new home!