Frequently asked questions

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Who are EverKnock?

We are the home for your home move. One place to manage everything related to buying or selling your home. Whether you are buying your 1st home, selling your 4th or upsizing to something bigger for your growing family, we are here to make the journey as simple & stress-free as possible. We lay out the journey step-by-step, so you know exactly what to expect, all the way up to getting the keys to your new home. Whilst we’ll also connect you with all the services you’ll need - from mortgages and conveyancing, to removals, cleaning and more. Think of us like a wedding planner for your home move!

Why do I need a concierge?

Buying a home is widely considered to be one of life’s most stressful events. But having a Concierge on-hand whenever & for whatever you need makes the process easy & stress-free. They will be a single point of contact throughout, from connecting you to your mortgage broker & providing regular updates on the legal due diligence, to arranging quotes for a range of other services, including home insurance, life insurance, removals, cleaning, tradesmen and more.

How much does it cost?

We offer 3 packages built according to your needs - Essential, Complete and VIP. Each package varies in price according to the price of the property you are buying and/or selling. But unlike many conveyancing quotes, our prices are completely transparent with no sneakily hidden charges. We’ll take a fixed upfront fee, followed by 2 more instalments throughout the course of your homemoving journey, with the final instalment taken on completion of your purchase or sale. To work out your price, head to our pricing page.

How do you make money?

Our partners pay us a fee when one of our homemovers uses their services, either as part of one of our packages or when introduced by their Concierge. Importantly though, this does not increase the price paid by the homemover for the service; it’s paid for out of cost savings that the partner makes by working with us.

What if I already have a mortgage broker?

When you purchase one of our packages, we bundle up all of the essential services you need when buying and/or selling your home into one fixed-price package. Not only does this save you from having to find and manage each service on your own, but you’ll also get the benefit of your own personal Concierge who will support you until you get those all-important keys! As part of the Complete and VIP packages, you’ll also get exclusive access to one of our mortgage experts who are there to make the application process as smooth as possible. However, if you already have a mortgage advisor we still want to help you make the rest of the process stress-free. So after you’ve purchased your package, just let us know on your welcome call who your advisor is so that your Concierge can keep everyone up to date on your application.

I haven't found my new home yet, should I sign up?

It’s never too early to get ready for your move! Even if you haven’t found your dream home yet, you can still sign up to EverKnock and purchase one of our packages so that we can guide you through the important early stages of your move. For example, did you know that finding a mortgage advisor & conveyancer before you’ve found your dream home will make you a much more attractive buyer in the eyes of the seller when you do finally make that offer?

How do I get started?

Check out our packages and find the perfect one to suit you. Once you’ve purchased, you’ll be able to book a call with your personal concierge & take the first steps towards your new home!

What is a package?

We offer 3 fixed price packages that include all the must-haves for buying & selling a home - Essential, Complete and VIP. All packages include your legal fees, a property search pack, plus all the essential admin fees and filings with HMRC & HM Land Registry (things that are often not included in internet conveyancing quotes!). You’ll also get access to your very own Concierge; a personal assistant that will support you with anything you need & guide you through the entire process.

Can't I find a cheaper solicitor?

The honest answer is yes, you could. Google will probably return a list of really cheap conveyancers. But often when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. There’s a reason why buying a home is often cited as one of life’s most stressful events. And remember that many have hidden fees that you’ll only hear about after the work has begun (and it’s too late!).

We carefully vet all of our homemoving partners, and with EverKnock you’ll have a Concierge to ensure that you don’t spend all your time chasing unresponsive solicitors.


What essential admin fees are included?

Your conveyancer will incur some administrative costs on your behalf, such as bank fees for transferring money or the cost of verifying your identity. Some conveyancers will categorise these as third-party costs so they can quote you a low headline price then add hidden extras later.

If we know an admin fee is unavoidable for every transaction, we’ve already included it in our package price. If the fee only applies in a small number of unusual circumstances, your conveyancer will discuss that with you once those circumstances become apparent.

What unusual circumstances mean I'd have to pay more?

The majority of property transactions are straightforward, which means we can quote a predictable package price that includes all your legal fees. Generally, this covers the sale or purchase of the freehold of a single property that is well defined in the Land Registry.

We also have a standard additional charge to handle straightforward leasehold transactions.

A small number of transactions fall outside of the straightforward category, and we think it would be unfair to charge a higher price to every homemover to cover this, so additional fees will apply on a case-by-case basis. Examples include:

  • The property you are buying or selling is not registered with the Land Registry
  • You’re buying multiple pieces of land or property and merging them into one, or vice versa
  • The property is being bought or sold at auction
  • You’re using a help-to-buy or other shared ownership scheme
  • Part of the property is leased to someone else, e.g. roof space leased to a solar panel company

If you’re in any doubt about whether your circumstances are unusual or straightforward, just contact us to ask.

What are third-party costs and why are they excluded from your price?

Sometimes as part of a home move, another company will charge a fee that we cannot predict or control. The concierge or conveyancer can usually arrange to pay this on your behalf, but the cost must be passed on to you.

Typical examples include:

  • A mortgage provider charges a redemption fee when you sell the mortgaged property
  • A management company charges a fee to obtain copies of the lease information (known as a leasehold pack)
  • A previous owner of a property carried out building work without planning permission, and you decide to take out indemnity insurance to cover the risk
  • You ask the concierge to book a removals service on your behalf