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Take back your work day

Today, clients anxious to move quickly expect instant responses from their legal representatives, so it’s no wonder that customer service queries can fill up more than 60% of the working day.

By managing all your customer queries, we enable you take back your time, alleviate stress & allow you to focus your efforts on delivering the legal services you excel at.

  1. In the past, I’ve often struggled to get through to my solicitor when I needed help. This time, I could ask EverKnock & get help on demand!

  2. I lose count how many times buyers come to me confused & stressed. This is so valuable to anybody who is just embarking on this painful process.

    One of our estate agency partners
  3. Martina
  4. We spend far too much time dealing with customers rather than getting on with property due diligence. Every solicitor in the country will want this!

    One of our conveyancing partners

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